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logoWelcome to Christ United Presbyterian Church! We are a community of friends, who worship God and do our best to love and serve our neighbors. We’d like you to be comfortable here among God’s people, so I thought I’d address some common questions. Our building stands on the corner of Highway 3 and Charles Street in Oelwein, across from Quick Star and next to McDonalds. We have two small paved parking lots next to the church to the east and south and also a larger gravel lot east of the church building.

Our worship service is at 10:30 a.m. We start with the prelude, so if you are a little late, you won’t feel conspicuous. We are still chatting. Sit on the right side of the sanctuary — you’ll see better on that side. You might notice that we wear all styles of clothing to church-jeans and sweats, or dresses and suits, we’ve got ‘em. Wear whatever you feel comfortable in. All are welcome.

We do enjoy serving coffee after Sunday services, but other drinks are available too. Our rest rooms are family-friendly and the three rest rooms on the main floor are fully accessible.

What can you expect on a Sunday here at Christ United Presbyterian? Expect a true, loving, imperfect community. We really make a commitment to love each other and the world around us. Expect a traditional service, with surprises. We like to integrate youth and children’s participation into our worship. Our Sunday School takes place on Sunday evenings so families are better accommodated. Our youth group travels to Christian service sites every summer, or attends the national Presbyterian youth gathering called the Triennium, every three years. The youth group meets the first and third Sunday evenings of each month.

Our current congregation is the one happy result of a tragic event. After the Oelwein tornado in 1968, the First Presbyterian Church and the United Church of Christ (Disciples) in our city merged to form Christ United Presbyterian Church. At this time this was unusual. We have a baptismal font and a full-size baptistery for immersion. We celebrate the Lord’s Supper every Sunday morning. All who know Christ or want to know Him better are welcome at the Lord’s Table.

Our pastor situation is also unusual – in a good way. I am a Lutheran minister, ordained in 1984. My husband, Leo Combs-Lay, is also a minister and we share the preaching duties here at Christ United Presbyterian Church. We welcome you.

– Charis Combs-Lay, Pastor


"Sewing Day" volunteers busy making comfort blankets for preschool children.

“Sewing Day” volunteers busy making comfort blankets for preschool children.

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Baptisms make Sunday Services extra special

Baptisms make Sunday Services extra special.


Palm Sunday



Palm Sunday

Palm Sunday

Palm Sunday Breakfast was enjoyed by all.








Preparing for the Advent Season




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